Al KharidSS

Al Kharid


|+ Al Kharid

|- !Also called? |kharid, desert

|- !Kingdom? |Misthalin

|- !Members Area? |No

|- !No. of Banks |1

|- !No. of Altars |None

|- !Leader |The Emir

|- !Teleportation |Dragonstone Amulet of Glory

|- !Guilds |None

|- !Inhabitants/Race |Humans



Features Edit

  • Bank
  • Dommik's Crafting Store
  • Fishing spot
  • Furnace
  • Al Kharid Gems
  • General Store
  • Kebab shop
  • Al Kharid Mine (north of the city)
  • Warriors (to train on)
  • Louie's Legs
  • Ranael's Plateskirt Shop
  • Zeke's Superior Scimitars
  • Silk Trader
  • Tanner
  • Path south to Shantay Stronghold.
  • Landscape additions to the East and South.
  • Herbs - South of Digsite, Northeastern Al Kharid

Thieving Edit

  • Cosmic and Law Chests 14, 579, 10, 579 North East Corner of Al Kharid just below digsite

Trivia Edit

  • The Scorpion mines contain spawns of both water-runes and fire-runes.
  • The Scorpions can be ranged from outside of the chasm for decent ranged experience.
  • The Silk Trader will sell silk for less to those adventurers with more quest points.
  • Louie's Legs sells Adamant platelegs, which are the best available from shops until one has access to the Champion's Guild.