There are many in game commands on ClassicKBD.

In Game CommandsEdit


::events - Opens a list of event dates and times for the year.
::map - Opens the full World Map (not island or dungeons yet)
::vote - Opens vote page (Please do this daily!)
::forum - Fastest way to
::advertise - Opens the advertise and referral rewards thread.
::coords - Toggles Coordinates on your screen
::stuck - Teleports you to Edgeville
::offer - ex: ::offer 10 100 - Will offer 100 coins
::vote - Opens Vote for top100 Arena
::online - Shows amount of players online
::onlinelist - Shows the player names of those online
::wild - Shows how many players are in the wilderness
::skills username - Show the users skills.
::fatigue - Gives you max Fatigue. Stops incoming EXP.
::snow - Will enable snow

Skill Guide Commands:

::attack - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Attack
::defense - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Defense
::strength - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Strength
::hits - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Hits
::ranged - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Ranged
::prayer - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Prayer
::magic - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Magic
::cooking - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Cooking
::woodcut - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Woodcutting
::fletching - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Fletching
::fishing - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Fishing
::firemake - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Firemaking
::crafting - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Crafting
::smithing - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Smithing
::mining - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Mining
::herblaw - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Herblaw
::runecraft - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Runecrafting
::thieving - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Thieving
::slayer - Opens the Classickbd Wiki for Slayer

Clan System:

::invite - Invites a player to your clan.
::accept - Accepts a clan invite from another player.
::clan - Shows who is in the clan.
::leave - Leaves the clan.

Offer and Drop Item IDs:

::drop ID Amount 
::offer ID Amount

Runes and runecrafting IDS:

1358: Rune Essence Certificate

31: Fire-Rune

32: Water-Rune

33: Air-Rune

34: Earth-Rune

35: Mind-Rune

36: Body-Rune

37: Life-Rune

38: Death-Rune

40: Nature-Rune

41: Chaos-Rune

42: Law-Rune

619: Blood-Rune

1844 Dark Air-Rune

1845 Dark Fire-Rune

1846 Dark Earth-Rune
1847 Dark Water-Rune


1339: UnSpun Wool Certificate

1340: Ball of Wool Certificate

1341: Uncut Sapphire Certificate

1343: Uncut Ruby Certificate

1344: Uncut Diamond Certificate

1345: Uncut Dragonstone Certificate

1346: Sapphire Certificate

1347: Emerald Certificate

1348: Ruby Certificate

1349: Diamond Certificate

1350: Dragonstone Certificate

1605 Uncut Jade certificate

1606 Jade certificate

1607 Uncut Opal certificate

1608 Opal certificate

1609 Uncut Topaz certificate

1610 Topaz certificate

1611 Uncut Onyx certificate

1612 Onyx certificate

39: Needle

43: Thread


1613 Magic Bones certificate

1712 Frost Dragon Bones certificate

1713 Kril Bones certificate

Boss cert:

1898 Herblaw Boss Skill Pack Cert

1899 Herblaw Boss Pk Pack Cert

1900 Prayer Boss Pack Cert

1901 Cooking Boss Pack Cert

1902 Fletching Boss Pack Cert

1903 Fletching Boss PK Pack Cert

1904 Crafting Boss Pack Cert

1905 Ore Pack Boss Cert

1906 Runecrafting Boss Pack Cert


1351: Magic Ammy Certificate

1352: Protection Ammy Certificate

1353: Strength Ammy Certificate

1354: Power Ammy Certificate

1355: Charged Dstone Ammy certificate

1356: Uncharged Dstone Ammy Certificate

1372: Rune 2H Certificate

1373: Rune Kite Certificate

1374: Rune Full Helm Certificate

1375: Rune Plate Certificate

1376: Rune Legs Certificate

1377: Rune Battle Axe Certificate

1378: Rune Chain Certificate

1379: Rune Skirt Certificate

1380: Rune Pickaxe Certificate

1381: Rune Axe Certificate

1382: Addy 2-Handed Sword Certificate

1383: Addy Kite Certificate

1384: Addy Full Helm Certificate

1385: Addy Plate Certificate

1386: Addy Legs Certificate

1387: Addy Batle Axe Certificate

1388: Addy Chain Certificate

1389: Addy SKirt Certificate

1390: Addy Pickaxe Certificate

1391: Addy Axe Certificate

1392: Addy Axe Certificate

1393: Rune Set Certificate

1394: Addy Set Certificate

1395: Mithril Set Certificate

1396: Black Set Certificate

1397: Steel Set Certificate

1398: Iron Set Certificate

1399: Bronze Set Certificate

1707 Mystic Longbow certificate

1708 Cork Longbow certificate

1709 Boojum Longbow certificate

1710 Gum Longbow certificate

1711 Twisted Longbow certificate


1812 Clean Guam leaf Certificate

1813 Clean Marrentill Certificate

1814 Clean Tarromin Certificate

1815 Clean Harralander Certificate

1816 Clean Ranarr Weed Certificate

1817 Clean Irit Leaf Certificate

1818 Clean Avantoe Certificate

1819 Clean Kwuarm Certificate

1820 Clean Cadantine Certificate

1821 Clean Dwarf Weed Certificate

1822 Clean Spice Certificate

1823 Clean Tea Leaf Certificate

1824 Clean Death Rose Certificate

1825 Clean Fools Weed Certificate

1826 Clean God Lily Certificate

1827 Clean Rune Popply Certificate

1828 Clean Dragon lotus Certificate

1829 Muddy Snake Weed Certificate

1830 Clean Snake Weed Certificate

1831 Muddy Ardrigal Certificate

1832 Clean Ardrigal Certificate

1833 Muddy Sito Foil Certificate

1834 Clean Sito Foil Certificate

1835 Muddy Volencia Moss Certificate

1836 Clean Volencia Moss Certificate

1837 Muddy Rogues Purse Certificate

1838 Clean Rogues Purse Certificate

1839 Snakeweed Cloth Certificate

1840 Ardrigal Cloth Certificate

1841 Sito Foil Cloth Certificate

1842 Volencia Moss Cloth Certificate

1843 Rogues Purse Cloth Certificate

Woodcutting and Fletch:

711: yew logs certificate

712: maple logs certificate

713: willow logs certificate

1360: Magic Longbow Certificate

1361: Magic Shortbow Certificate

1362: Yew Longbow Certificate

1363: Yew Shortbow Certificate

1364: Maple Longbow Certificate

1365: Maple Shortbow Certificate

1366: Unstrung Magic Longbow Certificate

1367: Unstrung Magic Shortbow Certificate

1368: Unstrung Yew Longbow Certificate

1369: Unstrung Yew Shortbow Certificate

1370: Unstrung Maple Longbow Certificate

1371: Unstrung Maple Shortbow Certificate

1592 Mystic Log certificate

1593 Cork Log certificate

1594 Boojum Log certificate

1595 Gum Log certificate

1596 Twisted Log certificate

646: Rune Arrows

670: iron arrow heads

671: steel arrow heads

672: mithril arrow heads

673: adamantite arrow heads

644: Adamantite Arrows

674: rune arrow heads

642: Mithril Arrows

640: Steel Arrows

638: Iron Arrows

637: Headless Arrows

638: Iron Arrows

669: bronze arrow heads

670: iron arrow heads

671: steel arrow heads

672: mithril arrow heads

673: adamantite arrow heads

674: rune arrow heads

1062: Bronze dart tips

1063: Iron dart tips

1064: Steel dart tips

1065: Mithril dart tips

1066: Adamantite dart tips

1067: Rune dart tips

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