Fishing is a skill in ClassicKBD that allows players to catch fish which can then be eaten when cooked using the Cooking skill.

Starting out Edit

Go to the Fishing Hut, south of the lake in Edgeville; Here you can find fishing equipment. There are also fishing shops found in Port Sarim and Catherby. You can use the cooking skill to cook your fish or you could simply sell them to players raw.

Fish Edit

There are many different types of fish that can be caught throughout ClassicKBD When a player catches a fish, it will come in raw form which must be cooked before it can be used as food to restore Hits.

Fish Level Equipment used Experience
Shrimp 1 Small fishing net 10
Sardine 5 Fishing rod + bait (sea) 20
Herring 10 Fishing rod + bait (sea) 30
Anchovies 15 Small fishing net 40
Mackerel 16 Big fishing net 20
Trout 20 Fly fishing rod + feathers 50
Cod 23 Big fishing net 45
Pike 26 Fishing rod + bait (river) 60
Salmon 30 Fly fishing rod + feathers 75
Tuna 35 Harpoon 80
Lobster 40 Lobster Pot 90
Bass 46 Big fishing net 100
Swordfish 50 Harpoon 100
Shark 80 Harpoon 210
Manta ray 90 Harpoon 300
Sea turtle 100 Harpoon 500
Lava eel 115 Harpoon 700
Pirahnas 125 Harpoon 1000
Angelfish 135 Harpoon 1500
Pufferfish 140 Harpoon 2000
Dragonshark 145 Harpoon 2500

Other items Edit

While fishing with big nets you will occasionally catch things other than fish like the following:

Item Level Experience
Gloves 16 1
Boots 16 1
Seaweed 16 1
Oyster 16 10
Casket 16 10

Fishing Locations Edit

Net/Bait/Lure/Harpoon/Cage/Big Net - Classic Fish Edit

  • Edgeville


  • Angelfish, Manta Ray, Sea Turtles (Mining town east of Dragon House)
  • Sea Turtle (119, 32) [Just south of Wild Town]
  • Lava Eel (223, 78) [Just north of Mage Bank, south of ClassicKBD Dragons]
  • Piranha (138, 14)
  • Angelfish (212,19) [by King Black Dragons, west of Wild Town]
  • Pufferfish (235, 14)
  • Dragonshark (214, 28)

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