Start: Wizard's Tower, on the top floor (climb up the stairs as high as you can go), talk to Wizard Mizgog.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: Incredibly Short-Long
Requirements: None
Items needed:
  • A black bead
  • A yellow bead
  • A red bead
  • A white bead
Monsters to kill:
  • Imp (level 2) (not compulsory)

Introduction Edit

To start this quest, speak to Wizard Mizgog on the top floor of the Wizard's Tower. To get to the Wizard's Tower, go to Draynor Village, just west of Lumbridge, then go south until you hit the coast, cross the bridge, and you can see the tower from there. He will inform you that another wizard has summoned impsto steal his magic beads. He employs you to help him.

Recovering Mizgog's Beads Edit

In order to return the beads to Mizgog, the player must kill imps to retrieve the magic beads. The four missing beads are:

  • Black bead
  • Yellow bead
  • Red bead
  • White bead

Imps drop these beads randomly. Imps are only level 5, and have a maximum hit of one, so no food is required. Imps are scattered all throughout Gielinor. Popular imp locations include the Karamja volcano and the area south of Falador. It is possible to get multiple amounts of the same bead, and thus players often spend large amounts of time killing imps during this quest. It is possible to purchase beads from other players, however oftentimes they will demand large amounts of

coins in return due to their rarity.

Resolution Edit

Once the beads are gathered, return to Wizard Mizgog on the top floor of the Wizards' Tower. Congratulations, quest complete!

You receive the following rewards:

  • An Amulet of accuracy (can only receive one per account, and thus are fairly rare)
  • 875 Magic experience
  • 1 Quest Point