Ranged is a skill in RuneScape Classic that is levelled by shooting ammo at monsters or other players. Using ranged, players can attack enemies from a distance but ranged cannot be used in combat.

Ranged, like magic, influences your combat level as you level it higher.

Weapons Edit

Bows Edit

Bows are made using the fletching skill and are two-handed.

Name Level
Shortbow 1
Longbow 1
Oak Shortbow 5
Oak Longbow 10
Willow Shortbow 15
Willow Longbow 20
Maple Shortbow 25
Maple Longbow 30
Yew Shortbow 35
Yew Longbow 40
Magic Shortbow 45
Magic Longbow 50
Mystic Shortbow 85
Mystic Longbow 90
Cork Shortbow 105
Cork Longbow 110
Boojum Shortbow 120
Boojum Longbow 125
Gum Shortbow 130
Gum Longbow 135
Twisted Shortbow 145
Twisted Longbow 150

Crossbow Edit

Like bows, the crossbow fires ammo but instead of arrows, it shoots bolts. There are only two crossbows in RuneScape Classic, only one of which can be purchased at the Varrock archery shop. The other is the Phoenix crossbow, which can only be received from the Shield of Arrav quest, through trade with other players, or from a general store, if someone has recently sold one there. The Phoenix crossbow is rumoured to be more accurate than the standard crossbow, although both have identical stats.

Name Level
Crossbow 1
Phoenix Crossbow 1

Ammo Edit

Arrows and bolts are made using the smithing and fletching skills.

Players cannot wield arrows. Having the arrows in the inventory while wielding a bow will allow the arrows to be fired. The higher levelled the arrows, the more damage they inflict against opponents.

Name Bow Required
Bronze Arrows Any
Iron Arrows Any
Steel Arrows Any
Mithril Arrows Any
Adamant Arrows Any
Rune Arrows Any
Dragon Arrows Any
Khorium Arrows Any
Platinum Arrows Any
Titanium Arrows Any
Crossbow bolts Crossbow
Oyster pearl bolts Crossbow

Darts Edit

Darts are made using the smithing and fletching skills but can only be made after completing the Tourist Trap quest The higher levelled the darts, the more damage they inflict against opponents.

Name Level
Bronze Throwing Dart 1
Iron Throwing Dart 1
Steel Throwing Dart 5
Mithril Throwing Dart 20
Adamant Throwing Dart 30
Rune Throwing Dart 40
Dragon Throwing Dart 60
Khorium Throwing Dart 115
Platinum Throwing Dart 130
Titanium Throwing Dart 150

Throwing knives Edit

All throwing knives except Black are made using the smithing skill. Throwing knives can also be used in melee combat. The higher levelled the knives, the more damage they inflict against opponents.

Name Level
Bronze throwing knife 1
Iron throwing knife 1
Steel throwing knife 5
Black throwing knife 10
Mithril throwing knife 20
Adamant throwing knife 30
Rune throwing knife 40
Dragon throwing knife 60
Khorium throwing knife 115
Platinum throwing knife 130
Titanium throwing knife 150

Equipment Edit

RuneScape Classic offers no equipment which raise the ranged bonus.

Name Level
Leather gloves 1
Boots 1
Leather body 1

Dwarf cannon Edit

Dwarf cannon is a powerful weapon, which fires cannonballs. You must complete the Dwarf Cannon quest to have access to it. Dwarf cannon cannot be used in player killing.