|- !Also called? |None

|- !Kingdom? |Asgarnia

|- !Members Area? |Yes

|- !No. of Banks |0

|- !No. of Altars |1 - Guthix altar at the stone circle to the north

|- !Leader |Kaqemeex

|- !Teleportation |None

|- !Guilds |None

|- !Inhabitants/Race |Druids |}

Taverley is a small settlement to the east of White Wolf Mountain located to the north-west of Falador. It is the starting point of many quests, including Druidic Ritual and Witch's House. It is inhabited primarily by Druids. It is the first town past the Member's Gate and also the town where you can claim rewards from Crystal keys.

Areas near Taverley include the Taverley dungeon to the south, Doric's House to the east, and the Heroes' Guild to the north. Jatix owns an herblaw shop in the south area of the town, selling vials, pestles and mortar, and eyes of newt.

Taverley is the central area for everything Herblaw. The skill begins here with the Druidic Ritual quest, and due to the druid population, many components of the skill are also available in the city.

Personalities Edit

  • Boy
  • Kaqemeex
  • Sanfew
  • Jatix
  • Gaius

Respawns Edit

  • Shortbow (upstairs the 2-handed swords shop)